business customer

Formica Parcel is a full-service logistic company

We take care of customers with a variety of different needs. Our speciality are customers with online-shops. Here we take care of oll practical tasks – starting with the moment the goods are sold in the shop, just until the buyer holds them in his hands.

We offer the entire logistics chain: administration, storage, sorting, pick/pack and shipping. Including, of course, the handelling of returned goods. In short: We are the optimal link between your customers and you.

This is an overview of the individual offers:

  • IT-systems
  • inventory management

Receipt of goods

  • sorting
  • scanning
  • warehousing

Flexible capacities

  • short-or longterm storage
  • large and small storage quantities

Individual shipping solutions

  • quarter/half/complete – pallets
  • full-loads
  • parcels